Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup April Vol. 1

April 2018: What’s you fav position? How Magnets can help. Filter for Results * Exercise for Welders * The PRL Boyz.


The A-PT-051 Pro is 100% Weld-a-licious, rendering all other position(er)s obsolete. This lil’ powerhouse takes you where you wanna go…  to the promised land of semi-automation. Our affordable, high-quality machines weigh only 22 lbs, with 110 lb horizontal weight capacity.
Choose from two (2) chucks- traditional heavy-duty 3-jaw or 4″ “speed chuck” (with reversible jaws) for light-duty high throughput jobs. In Stock Now!!!!  #toolsthatmakeyoumoney


Essentially we’re good at dropping things, always looking for a lil’ help keeping things together, not all our tacks hold, & we wanna be more efficient… so for all those reasons & many many
more We ❤Magnetic Tools. Check out our offering here!


At Arc-Zone, we like choices and having the widest selection of tungsten on the planet is a goal of ours… but our customers wanna find what they need & get on with the rest of their day… so we’ve implemented the first (of many) filters on our Site to improve your shopping experience. What’s not to Love? Get the tools you need & get ’em fast!!! 
Bonus:  Tungsten Grinder section has been re-vamped too!!!


What is a Kata? It’s an exercise in karate where you repeat a form many, many times, making minor improvements at each pass, helping you master a skill. Through practice, the pattern of a Kata becomes second nature; it’s done with little conscious attention. While it’s not all the rage in most weld shops, Kata is a pretty cool (& hilarious) idea… see if you can get your crew on board… if you do, be sure to tag us, so we can watch, laugh & cheer you on too.


PRL Motorsports (@prlmotorsports) produces premium performance products designed to boost engine efficiency. Not only are their products made in the USA, they are hand built by some of the best fabricators in the biz. Using high quality tools and materials (like their #Monster16s  and CS310 torches ;-), it’s no surprise PRL products are top notch. Josh, @PRLJosh, got started with them in 2015 when I saw a welding job posting. Josh says, “I applied, interviewed, took a weld test and got hired 3 weeks later.” With a 2005 Subaru STI that “always needs to be maintained”, Josh couldn’t have found a better fitting job. We love that their Team takes time to share their talents with the next generation, they demonstrate the basic manufacturing and tuning process to the students at Norwin High School. Here’s to PRL and everyone out there who raises the bar by workin’ hard & accepting nothing but the Best!


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