Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup January 2018 Vol. 1

WELCOME TO 2018:  Time-saving tungsten, Plasma cutting parts, rock climbers, a helper, firefighter & a cannon mis-fire.


It’s ArcTime! @Arc_Zone, we love ArcTime Tungsten because it is The Original Hybrid. It’s the energizer electrode that keeps on delivering stable arc starts, low burn off rate & tip longevity, without the need to change out tungsten as you go from steel to aluminum & back. Forget about waiting til 5:00… it’s always ArcTime in the Shop! We’ve even got a sampler pack – Test ArcTime in different diameters to see what you use the most. Get your 10 pack today!


Usually it drives you crazy to have your helper just hangin’ around… with the Magnetic Grasshopper, you’ve got a 3rd hand right there where you need it… and it’ll cost you less than $30. If you’re looking to “hire” the perfect assistant in 2018, start by interviewing this lil’ gem. Increase your productivity today, without blowin’ your budget.  The Right Tools Make All the Difference!


If you’re already using an HPR system, you know that it cuts, bevels, and marks carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals with a high degree of precision and consistency. Get ‘er Done Right the 1st time, without having to stop & clean up after each pass. Focus your arc & get the most precise cut, so you can make the most cash on each job by saving time. We’ve got a full suite of performance proven replacement parts – Get yours today!


Isn’t it everyone’s dream to turn their hobby & passion into a career? Cora Jokinen, CEO of Torq-Masters, is doing what she loves, growing her company, and supporting the sport that she loves – Rock Crawling. If you’re looking for a lil inspiration to follow your passion, watch this video about Cora, a woman on a 4×4 mission. The Full Story was featured on Millerwelds.


Thomas says this was the funniest thing to happen in his shop all of last year. Watch the video & let him know what you think.
What was the funniest thing to happen in your shop last year? or even last week? Share your videos, fun stuff, purdy welds, killer tools, and bestest moments for a chance to be featured on The Metal Mashup too. (@arc_zone,  #arczone#weldlikeapro )


Getting to know fab-tastic welders (& Arc-Zone customers) for the #weldlikeapro spotlight is one of the most rewarding parts of creating The Mashup. It’s our privilege today to highlight Tucker Harding (@tuckerbuilt), who picked up his 1st torch as a high school freshman & pretty much hasn’t put it down since. He serves as Captain of his local volunteer fire company. But his “day” job is fabricating & up-fitting of fire apparatus. Who better to do the job, than a guy who walks the walk and holds the hose himself. More people & structures are saved, and fire fighters are safer themselves when they have equipment that’s purpose-built To Last!!! And when stuff does break, Tucker is there to repair it too! Tucker, we salute you and thank you for all that you do to serve your community and raise the industry.


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