Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup March 2018 Vol. 1

March 2018: Grasshoppers, Leprechaun nozzles, CK’s MT200, GIANT swords, virtual welding at the fair & our fav breweries.


The Magnetic Grasshopper will hold your workpiece in place so that you don’t have to look awkward getting into position to get your weld on. Safety First:  You shouldn’t have to do the Limbo to get ‘er done!!! Save the dancing for the pub crawl.


It’s like Christmas in March, when we can offer $400 Savingson the CK MT200 AC/DC machine. It’s definitely on our employees’ favorite things list… Why? It alternates current with the best of them, so bring on the Aluminum! The dual voltage allows you to power down to standard 110. It’s simple enuf, even for the rookies, to dial it in with ease. This rainbow disappears 04/01, so don’t delay!


The Leprechauns gave our LowRiders 5 Stars:
***** “Awesome, makes the tightest of spots a breeze to work on” -Bryce
***** “If you need a small cup to get into a tight spot, this is the cup kit for you. I can’t wait to use it on the next roll cage I build” -Nick
***** “Perfect timing for me, as I struggled to get the torch in to finish welding the roll cage against the a post of the bodyshell” -Richard


4-H kids at the Ohio State Fair get a chance to weld virtually thanks to the American Welding Society and Lincoln Electric. Check-out the welding cells that and info-graphics that give visitors of all ages a hands on experience with both wire & stick welding. The next generation of Welders Wanted!


Of course they’re totally impractical, but if you can translate his Irish accent, you’ve got one up on us. In this video, we meetMichael Craughwell, an extraordinary sword maker from West Tisbury on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. This burly, Irish transplant is one of the world’s premiere builders of huge swords, mostly replicas of those found in video games and animation programs.


Who makes beer possible? Welders do!… Our March issue seemed like a good time to call out a sampling of the breweries that #BREWLIKEAPRO and have purchased from us here at Arc-Zone recently. You gotta love shiny stainless welds, along with the fabricators who keep those tanks sanitary and chock full o’ goodness. We’re here for you too, so you can get the tools you need to make great beer… or whatever your heart desires. Sláinte!  (The basic Irish Gaelic toast, which means “good health” – here’s to you!)


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