The Metal Mashup: April Vol.2 – 2019

April 2019: Hop up your game, reach for the Sky & last 10x longer! Meet a cancer survivor, spend $1M & sit on a throne


CK Worldwide introduced the wedge collet nearly 20 years ago, and its performance is still unparalleled. A single wedge collet can last 10x longer than the slotted versions. “Wedgers” also swear they produce better quality welds.  But How? Because there are no slots cut into the collet, it isn’t prone to weakening or deformation. The precision wedge cut at the head creates better gripping action of the electrode. By wedging the tungsten directly against the collet body, the contact area between the electrode and the other conductive components is greater and resistance is lower. Bottom line, the design creates better arc transfer, smoother arc starting & greater heat dissipation. Available in five different diameters, the wedge collet will fit a variety of 2 & 3 Series TIG torches. We’ve even got them built into our Monster Kits !


With the Magnetic Grasshopper, you can hold, position and steady parts on square, round or angled material! The spring-loaded arm self-adjusts for consistent work holding. And the magnetic base swivels 360° allowing it to securely stay in place, even vertically. Forget about practicing patience, isn’t it time you HOPPED on this amazing tool and upped your Kung Fu welding skilz?


Is your tungsten helping your welds reach for the sky? @Arc_Zone, we can’t say enuf about the Sky Blue ArcTime Tungsten. Not only is it The O.G. Hybrid on the market, it’s the energizer electrode that keeps on delivering stable arc starts, low burn off rate & tip longevity, without the need to change out tungsten as you go from steel to aluminum & back. We’ve even got a sampler pack – Test ArcTime in different diameters to see what you use the most. Get yours today and enjoy watching your weld quality skyrocket!


At just 22-years-old, Hannah Sherk is already an accomplished welder, fabricator, metal artist, and painter. When she was 8-years-old, she began welding with her dad. And by the age of 16, Hannah started a full-time welding gig. With her kind and bubbly personality, you’d never believe that just 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer in the lymphatic system that impairs the immune system. She says, “Welding has always been my passion, and not being able to work in the shop because of my illness was honestly really hard for me. I kept a positive mindset through it all because I knew I’d be back out welding again eventually. I knew it was just a little bump in the road and would only make me stronger in the long run.” We are thrilled to report… On February 15, Hannah announced she is cancer-free and continues to live her best life!


Michael Hayes, a 32-year-old war veteran and welding student, spent over 100 hours and two months building a replica of the Game of Thrones’ throne for his bride, which included at least 400 individual aluminum swords. The couple, who bonded over their love of the show, have since gone viral, even appearing in People Magazine. What was intended to be a gesture of love, has turned into a heartfelt nationwide phenomenon! Check-out their interview and search them out online – we promise you’ll be touched & impressed. All brides should be so adored!!! *Fun Fact:  Arnold Schwarzenegger sat on their throne last month!


For 16 years, the Totally Trades conference has taught high school and eighth-grade, female students that with the right tools and training, they are capable of landing a high-paying job in a male-dominated industry. The goal of the conference is to expose the girls to non-traditional career options such as plumbing and heating, forestry, construction, heavy equipment operation, computer programming, wind power, and welding. Not only do they receive hands-on training but they learn to work with one another and empower each other. The Totally Trades conference is a great program that provides a supportive environment for young women trying to break boundaries and expand their horizons.


Preserving the skilled-trades industry and providing the right tools for the job have been a hot topic in the media lately and finally, someone has stepped up to help the cause. California Assemblywoman, Sharon Quirk-Silva granted a $1million budget to the Fullerton College welding department, saying, “The funds are a critical investment in the future workforce and economy.” The welding department plans on upgrading their machines, bringing in new equipment and subscribing to educational material from the American Welding Society. They’re even developing a mobile outreach program to perform demonstrations for prospective welding students. Using their funds to share the skilled-trades with others is why the Fullerton College welding department is very much deserving of the massive budget!


For a small business, like ours, arriving at our #20Year anniversary, is call for a celebration. Mostly, we’re celebrating by offering you top notch technical service, quality products, innovative solutions to make your welding life better. So give us a call, place an order, tag us on social media, or shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you! 


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