The Metal Mashup: March Vol.1 – 2019

March 2019:  Prepare for the purge, make a connection, create your own luck, build your dream, and celebrate women!


With 3 welding tape options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to reduce purge gas usage, improve weld-quality & save time. Each is designed to solve a unique challenge:

  • Adhesive Free EZ Zone Tape:  Wraps around the joint & is peeled back as you begin the root weld
  • Fiberglass Insulated Backing Tape:  Attaches to back of thin material to surround weld area w/ shield gas. Reduces or eliminates need for back-purging
  • Aluminum Tape:  Heat resistant w/ halogen-free adhesive aids purging and facilitates both tacking & end-capping

Each Tape is available in different sizes to suit your specific application.


Ever heard the saying, “Make your own Luck”? Luck is “made” by working hard, putting yourself out there, and using the right tools. Properly insulate your cable connections and find the Pot o’ Colorful Gold at the end of your cable. Besides, there’s no shame in welders expressing their flair too. With color-coded connectors, you can easily keep track of your stuff on the job or simply choose your favorite colors. We have all the flair you need right here in every color, amperage and style. 


Horseshoes have been considered lucky charms since 400 BC when the Celts hung iron horseshoes above their doors to ward off evil spirits. Today, you can create your own luck with this charming craft book by Barbie The Welder! *Purchase Barbie’s Horseshoe Crafts in March, and we can include a bundle of horseshoes to get your project started.
Disclaimer: These shoes are straight from the farm, corrosion, dirt and all. You’ll need to clean them VERY thoroughly, before you strike your arc! (*Sent upon request & while supplies last)


Chip Tate doesn’t just make award winning whiskey, he handcrafts every bit of the Tate & Co. Distillery. By reviving an old welding building into a distillery and welding his own stills out of copper, Tate started his company with a hammer, torch, and a dream. Through collaborations with other craftsmen (and women), his goal is to “create and foster a new environment of creative collaboration for dedicated distillers around the world.” Although we aren’t distillers, like Tate, we believe collaboration paired with a garnish of friendly competition is the best way to keep the blue collar brotherhood / sisterhood alive and thriving. 


As avid supporters of women in the workforce and gender equality, we applaud those companies creating a female forward environment and working to close the gender gap. Besides, there is mathematical proof that the rise of women in the workforce can significantly increase the economy. Don’t believe us?! Check out this Forbes article.


Let’s face it, Saint Patrick’s Day is pretty much about enjoying a some guilt-free frolicking and cold ones. What’s on your list of spring time fun? A mud-tastic ride is definitely on our Top 10… who wouldn’t wanna tackle a mud hole or 12, before heading down to the local pub to join the St. Patty’s Day party? Kiss Me. I’m Green. Irish. And Muddy. Video Cred: @wildboaratvparts


For a small business, like ours, arriving at our #20Year anniversary, is call for a celebration. Mostly, we’re celebrating by offering you top notch technical service, quality products, innovative solutions to make your welding life better. So give us a call, place an order, tag us on social media, or shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you! 


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