The Metal Mashup: May Vol.1 – 2019

April 2019: Arm yourself with a saber, raise hel or at least use a hook & become a Monster welder! Enjoy welding in movies!!


It’s been 15 years since we introduced the #16 Monster Nozzle and now, we have five different sizes to fit virtually any TIG torch and welding application…

  • #12 – This is our smallest nozzle at 3/4″. It is compact, lightweight, and perfect for hard to reach places such as intake manifolds.
  • #14 – At 7/8″, this condensed and agile nozzle works well for applications that require a larger gas shield.
  • #15 – This 15/16″ nozzle delivers major gas coverage and minimizes atmosphere contamination. It is ideal for pipe and thick plate TIG welding.
  • #16 – This flooding nozzle is 1″ and a great alternative to extra large gas lens and other purge welding devices that are expensive and cumbersome.
  • #24 – At 1-1/2″, this nozzle is designed for the welding applications that require maximum shielding.

You can purchase the nozzle kits separately or bundle and save with our Monster Nozzle Pro Kits which feature four nozzles as well as collets, collet bodies, back caps, and much more!


We’re all about storage and organization here at Arc-Zone which is why we love the Hel-Hook Gear Organizer. It’s easy to install on top of a gas cylinder, keeps your shop or work station in order, and opens so much room for activities (Thank you, Will Ferrell). 


Meet Moses Soto, a veteran, father, and certified welder who credits his wife for igniting his passion for welding. Owner of Papa Mo Metalworks, Moses began crafting when he was a kid but didn’t really get into welding, until he started creating Halloween decorations with his wife. He specializes in scrap metal and loves being able to transform items, most would consider trash, into beautiful pieces of art (check-out this time lapse trike build video). Moses is very supportive of others in the trade; he often showcases other welders on his @papamo_metalworks IG Page. In the digital age of self-promotion, it’s refreshing to see a man who goes out of his way to encourage others. We’re definitely inspired by Moses – How about you?


Did you know that the American Welding Society does more than just set the standards for the welding industry? It provides multiple resources to help welders like you advance in your career. The AWS turned 100 this year. Isn’t it time you joined, got involved in your local section, or simply got more out of your membership?


The Avengers: Endgame may be the most popular movie in theaters right now, but we found a compilation of some movies that welders might find more entertaining.


For a small business, like ours, arriving at our #20Year anniversary, is call for a celebration. Mostly, we’re celebrating by offering you top notch technical service, quality products, innovative solutions to make your welding life better. So give us a call, place an order, tag us on social media, or shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you! 


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