Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup February 2018 Vol. 1

Feb❤2018: LowRider special, dinse ❤connections, EZ Cuts, a Barbie video, and a couple fused by welding.

Great things come in small packages! The LowRider TIG Kits are a new favorite here, and to celebrate these purdy lil’ things, we thought we’d go small on the price tag. Set-up your torch this Valentine’s Day and access even the smallest spaces to lay down the weld you need to win over even the hardest of hearts. These specials save you from $12 – $20, so grab one of these ❤throbs today.


Jason Moser says it best, “Straight, precision cuts have never been easier. Simply place the magnetized rail on the metal and push or pull in a smooth constant speed due to the geared head. Super smooth cuts every time.
My favorite aspect is the bevel adjustment. I use it for beveling big plate regularly, and it is super accurate. I have even made an adapter for my plasma gun and it opened up a whole new world of precision cutting.”
Check out Jason & his Scorpion in action. And if you fall for it like he did, we’ll ship one right to your shop!


Don’t be dense, get a dinse connector. Just plug it together, tighten with a quick slight of hand to make the connection. They’re safe, rugged, long-lasting, and provide an optimal supply of current. Dinse type panel mounted plugs provide maximum current carrying capacity thanks to their precision conical contact points. Don’t get caught without ’em or you might get a lil’ love zap of electricity.


The sound effects alone are reason enough to watch this hyper-speed inspiration to get ‘er done today. Barbie The Welder always has something new up her sleeve, whether a new art piece, shop tips, or horse shoe art how to’s. Check-out this silly montage to get you pumped up to take on your next challenge. Here’s to keeping it fun and loving what you do. Watch, Listen & Enjoy!


Anyone who’s met them, recognizes these two as having something special. Beware, cuz the @icweld & @mrs.icweldduo spark smiles & fun wherever they go… Veronica is always smiling & we’ve seen her capture a few of Isaac’s too. Together this couple lights up any room and not just with their arcs & sparks. When asked about why she enjoys going to Fabtech, Veronica says, “It’s about making decisions with my business partner, but also my best friend. We are a team.” We should all be so lucky to have cultivated such an amazing lifelong partnership! Share your joy and passion with your loved ones, so that your bond of ❤ grows even stronger. Hug the welder you’re with & Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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