The Metal Mashup: June Vol.2 – 2019

June 2019: Miller MIGmatic, beat the heat, enhance water & air flow, routine maintenance & successful entrepreneurs.


Chances are you’re looking for a replacement gun or parts for your M-25 Air-Cooled Welding Gun. These guns are an ideal match for Miller® wire feeders that came, rigged with the M-25 MIG Gun. Just because Miller isn’t making the OEM version of these Guns anymore, doesn’t meant that you can’t get a high quality replacement at a great price. Don’t ditch the ol’ tried & true, just cuz something else came along that’s shiny and new.
“Hey whatever happened to… Doing it all by hand,… It’s only worth as much as the time put in. It all just seemed so good the way we had it. Back before everything became automatic.”
Miranda Lambert


You’re not the only one who suffers when the temperature soars… Heat, atmosphere & dirt can contaminate your system and your welds. When’s the last time you checked your cables and connections for leaks and cracks? A pure, continuous flow of air & water can keep your machine or torch from overheating. With our new filters, all you’ve gotta do is check a few boxes to find the right solution, replacement or upgrade. We’ve got TIG Torch connectors, power cable adaptor blocks, TIG extension kits, hook-up kits, and gas hoses for nearly every import or domestic welding machine. 


Safety is a welder’s #1 priority (right?), but what happens when it’s way too hot to wear a jacket? Getting a third-degree sunburn is not a sensible option, but an easy to wear pair of welding sleeves sure are! Made with grain pigskin and breathable cotton, the sleeves are light but durable. They’re easy to pull on and feature an elastic band for the perfect fit. When it comes to light welding or hotter weather, these welding sleeves are a great alternative to bulky coverage.


Ever wonder how to change your welding machine’s oil while it’s still on a mobile rig? It’s called a topside oil change and thanks to Badass Welding Videos, here’s how to get ‘er done!


Elizabeth Schweitzer, a proud graduate of the Women Who Weld program, was chosen out of 157 applicants to be in the top 15 of the Local 80 2019 apprentice program. She currently works at the prestigious CASS Sheet Metal in Detroit where she restores historical structures. Previous to her apprenticeship, Elizabeth wasn’t fulfilled with her sales job and wanted to revisit her background of interior design and fuse it with welding and fabrication to create metal studio furniture and home accessories. She says, “I heard that about 50% of welders and tradesmen will be retiring in the next 6 years or so. With that in mind, I thought this would be an excellent field to get into with the extremely high-demand for workers expected in a few more years.


Feast your eyes on the fold-out metal shield that stuntman, filmmaker, and inventor, Colin Furze recreated from the popular video game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Visit Colin’s YouTube channel to see more of his twisted creations and gain inspiration for future projects.


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!


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