The Metal Mashup: October Vol.1 – 2019

Take it easy & chill out with this awesome lineup of tools. Plus, learn the basics of Plasma Arc Cutting! 


If there’s one thing we know, it’s fittings and conversion kits to optimize your rig. Our proprietary Zero Loss kits stop the torch swap madness of holding the torch ends in the air to stop the cooling fluid from leaking on the floor. Or maybe you simply want a low cost (just a lil’ dirty) conversion with, Qty. 2 QDWAP + Qty. 1 QDGAP.
We’ve got 100’s of options to connect you with the power, gas, & water fittings or hoses to keep you in the Zone.


We hear nothing but rave reviews on the I-PurgeX® Modular Inflatable Bladder Systems. One system fits multiple pipe sizes. The modular design and quick connect fittings make it easy to swap out sizes on the inflatable bladder modules, allowing for any number of unique combinations.
Purge the pipe by filling your bladder… no one wants to be the first to “break the seal” and head out for a break. These modular systems elevate the quality of your work with no messy, unnecessary set-up time.


Pretty much no one, and certainly none of your welding tools perform better in Extreme Heat. The DF-Tig-er light to medium duty water cooler quickly cools down your TIG torch, gloves, and cables. A cooler system = greater productivity. If you find yourself walking in circles, while your rig cools down, you might ask yourself, “What’s my time worth?” A cooler-running rig also prolongs the life of your torch, cables, and consumables. We’ve put together complete CoolKit™  packages with water-cooled torches and accessory kits.


Check out these basic plasma cutting tips from Lincoln Electric … then head over to to stock your toolbox with the latest & greatest Plasma Arc Cutting products!


The Fabricator shares 6 tricks, tips, and rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing which consumables to use for plasma cutting in addition to those laid out in your owner’s manual.


We usually feature an Arc-Zone customer in our Weld Like A Pro section because it’s important to support those who support you. BUT, today we want to support someone who is always supporting others. This is the Arkansas Elite Welding Academy, an ELITE Welding School committed to training welders for top jobs all over the nation. They provide hands-on training & job placement and are very active with online welding community by spreading positivity, inclusiveness & awareness of the opportunities there are in the trades industry.


What’s better than having a personal driver? How about a robotic personal driver who won’t talk your ear off when all you want to do is get to your destination!!


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!


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