THE METAL MASHUP January 2023 Vol 2

HOW TO REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT 👣 The Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel In Fabrication

Did you know that Steel is one of the most eco-friendly metals on our planet? We’re talking reducing your carbon footprint type of metal. It’s an important alloy in today’s climate and we want to shed light on the many benefits it can provide across multiple industries.

From Tesla’s Cybertruck to the Chrysler Building in New York City, Stainless Steel is THE choice for fabricators worldwide.

Learn more about the qualities and benefits of one of the most durable alloys on the market in our latest blog.

Looking for Stainless Steel TIG Filler Rod? We offer ER308L, ER309L, ER312 & ER316L in 1 and 10lb packs. Whether you need to replenish your filler rod stock or test out a new alloy, Arc-Zone has you covered!

Prep your metal like a pro with these small and large Stainless Steel Scratch Brushes.


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