Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup January Vol. 1

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January 2017: Position yourself for the Best Year Ever with Tools & Gear that work for You!


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Mount your tabletop and rotate the work piece into the optimal position to get the best weld quality… and enjoy the ergonomic benefit of working at an angle that best suits your body. Say goodbye to neck strain & back aches. Nothing is out of reach with the new Rotating Table Mount Positioner because the swiveling, locking casters  allow you to move your table & get ‘er done in any area of the shop.


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A lil’ stubby cup can get you out of a tight spot. The Stubby Pro Kit is one of our Best Sellers and includes 30 different goodies all in one convenient box! If your New Years resolution is to “Get Organized,” this kit is definitely for you.


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Need to switch torches and welding machines on the fly?
Arc-Zone’s Plug & Weld Connector Kits are the perfect time-saving solution. Multiple power cable and torch connections are included:  A, B & C fittings, along w/ Cam-lock, Dinse, Everlast, Threaded & Tweco connectors.


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If you chose an Arc-Zone “Welding Hood” as your new favorite t-shirt. We challenged our “not-so-new” Graphics guy (he started in the warehouse & but is really a computer guy…) to design a bold & original t-shirt… The Team is pretty stoked with what he created, and we hope you’ll like them too. Rep your hood – loud and proud – with your new Arc-Zone original T. They’re a soft cotton-poly blend & sizes run kinda big n’ long.


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If you find yourself along the Mississippi in Memphis, don’t miss the only Museum of Metal in the U.S. This extraordinary museum showcases, preserves, and educates the public on the metal craftsmanship and the impact of metal work on everyday life, a life that most of us are happy to know all too well. This place [and video] are killer, from the artists in residence to the metal-working shop that are found on the 3.2 acre historic U.S. Marine hospital, built in the 1930’s. Doll heads not included!


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Andrea is an American original, if there ever was one. A union Steelworker and structural welder, who has worked her way from unskilled laborer through her vision and determination. She loves books and enjoys motorsports, especially motocross. Her 2 daughters are front & center of her life. Via @hotwork247 & her daily “grind” Andrea hopes to inspire younger generations of women to do whatever job they enjoy, and we can’t think of a better role model for women, young & old, who want to work or “dab-ble” in the trades. Raise your torch to Andrea, and to welders everywhere who burn metal each day to get ‘er done!!!


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