Technically Speaking about Technology


At Arc-Zone we’re getting ready to unveil a new tungsten grinder. It is a pretty significant improvement over the current ArcTime LTG liquid tungsten grinder we currently offer… more later, it’s all very hush hush now.

However, in writing up the copy, we got into a discussion between “Technologically Advanced” and “Technically Advanced.”

As the local wordsmith, I voted for technologically … as the new machine’s motor speed and torque is regulated by a micro chip. My boss thought that phrase was overused and suggested technically.

So I did a little word sleuthing and Merriam Webster online is not only a great resource, but apparently serves as my posse… backin’ me up.

Technological (relating to technology– a micro chip– resulting from improvements in technical processes that increase productivity of machines… ) Definitely the way to go.


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