Gas Lens for TIG / GTAW welding


I see a lot of questions out there on the internet about gas lenses. Some people swear by them, and others don’t think its worth the extra couple of bucks. At Arc-Zone we definitely are in the use-’em-’cause-they-optimize-your-TIG-torch Camp. With a gas lens you get better gas coverage, and a more coherent, less turbulent gas flow. In other words, you won’t draw oxygen into your weld zone which can contaminate your weld. But don’t take my word for it, check out this great article from The Fabricator magazine, by Mike Sammons of Weldcraft…

Seeing GTAW through a new lens: Gas lens basics and use

By Mike Sammons
January 9, 2007

Not every welder uses a gas lens on his or her GTAW torch, but gas lenses should be considered for a variety of applications and for several reasons. Knowing what a gas lens does, how to choose one, and how to install and take care of one are critical to getting the most benefits out of it ….READ GAS LENS BASICS ONLINE….

And a final note about gas lenses, they are not all created equally. Some manufacturers may offer lower priced gas lenses, and yes, its easy to be seduced by a lower price, but with a quality manufacturer, you get parts that are engineered to work together, not “reverse engineered” to create a similar item.


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