Accessory Kits for TIG Welding Torches

Over at we get a lot of inquiries about front end parts. Just last week, one customer emailed in asking about a “whole set” of front end parts. He had recently purchased a Weldcraft “super cool” 18 TIG torch, but only had one collet and one nozzle.

Weldcraft makes a standard accessory kit, the AK-18, which is a basic starter kit… but Arc-Zone makes a PRO Accessory Kit for the Weldcraft WP-18SC TIG Torch. Our kit includes a full line of gas lens collet bodies and collets (3/32″ to 3/16″), gas lens nozzles, a short and long electrode cap, a couple of spare o-rings and a sample pack of our ArcTime Hyperformance Tungsten Electrodes.

Pretty much everything you need to Weld Like A PRO(TM).

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