TIG Welding with Monsters

At Arc-Zone we just re-introduced the Monster(TM) TIG welding Nozzle–you can read about it over on Joe Welder’s blog–and I can’t get this song out of my head!


Now that I have that out of the way…

The Monster Nozzle is a great accessory especially if you’re welding stainless or titanium.  With the super wide alumina nozzle–a Number 16, 1-in wide (25.4mm)–and a diffuser bisket, plus a verified-quality gas lens collet body, collet, and Teflon gasket, you’ll get an especially coherent flow of gas over your weld zone.

Monster TIG Nozzle

Monster TIG nozzles available in two ways:

Single tungsten size Monster Nozzle:
Kit includes a Monster Nozzle with diffuser bisket, a verified-quality gas lens collet body, collet and Teflon gasket.  You can select the tungsten sizes you need for your application, and your torch model– 2, or 9/20 series or the 3, or 17/18/26 series TIG torches.

The Monster Nozzle Pro Kits:
Kit includes a Monster Nozzle with 3 diffuser biskets, a range of verified-quality gas lens collet bodies, collets, a Teflon gasket, long, medium and short back caps with spare o-rings– Plus a couple standard gas lens nozzles for those every day jobs.  Also included is our ArcTime™ Hyperformance All-Purpose Non-Radioactive Rare Earth Tungsten Electrodes.  Pro Kits available for the 2, or 9/20, and we offer  a Pro Conversion Kit for the 3, or 17/18/26 series TIG torches.

We hope you’ll give the Monster TIG Nozzle a try.

In fact, if you tell us a good story on our Facebook page, you could win one!

Contest ends June 21, 2013 at 3 p.m. California time.



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