Carmen Electrode: The Untold Story

If you’ve ever wondered about this website, and how we got started, you may want to check out this article:

Women in welding: One Web site caters to women in the industry
By Liz Sommerville

The welding industry is all too often thought of as a boy’s club. Although it may seem that female welders are uncommon, there are many women involved in all different aspects of the industry. The Web site reaches out to these women, giving them a voice in a male-dominated business. …CONTINUE READING ONLINE–>

The article was published online at the recently re-launched, the online version of FF Journal Magazine, whose mission is:

to report on breakthrough technology and innovative
manufacturing systems from both a technical and creative point
of view. Each issue features in-depth articles that focus on product
development and innovation—two of the driving forces pushing the
limits of metal fabricating and forming worldwide.

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