Hair Today Gone Tomorrow


to Locks of Love!

I don’t usually talk much about my co-workers at, but every now and again one of them does something I just have to talk about. Especially if it’s something cool.

Hanna Pajunen, Sales ManagerHanna, Arc-Zone’s new sales manager recently got her haircut. And while a haircut– unless your name is John Edwards and you spent $400— is not particularly newsworthy, in this instance it is indicative of the kind of people we have working here at

You see Hanna is donating her cut hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that makes wigs out of real human hair for kids suffering from long-term medical hair loss. So not only does Hanna look great– her long blond hair can be used to make a kid look great too! Good Job Hanna! and thanks for letting me share your story.

And a shout out to Jeff at Detours Salon—   he cuts my hair too, and does an awesome job!


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