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Angelfire women's welding wearWe’re glad someone noticed. It’s about time!

As you know I’ve been on the lookout for women welders to interview (more coming later this week) but in the meantime, I found out about this new line of women’s welding wear. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes things just all fall in line?

Out here in California we’d say something like “Must be Mercury is no longer in retrograde…”

Introducing AngelFire™ by the experts at Revco®

Santa Fe Springs, CA – Women are different… Revco noticed. That’s why Revco Industries has launched AngelFire, an innovative series of premium welding protection designed exclusively for women. Finally, women can break free from male attire and work more safely in clothes tailored to fit a woman’s body. No more clumsy gloves. No more oversized jackets. No more sparks down the collar.

AngelFire, launching under the recently released BSX line, features a warm chocolate brown color and smaller sizes to appeal directly to women. Revco predicts this fashionable line of welding products will invigorate enthusiasm among woman welders who, up until now, have been limited to wearing bulky jackets made to fit men.

“Women had no other choice at all. Being a TIG welder, you don’t even bother wearing a jacket because you’d rather be comfortable at work and ruin your own clothing than deal with a bulky man’s welding jacket. It’s a nightmare,” says Pamela Lesemann, a 15 year welder and welding instructor. But now there is the new AngelFire jacket. Lesemann raves, “I love it; I think it’s great. It’s soft, comfortable and it fits. Finally, something different.”

Yet a woman’s unique fit is only part of the appeal of the AngelFire series. With a reputation for excellence in the welding industry, Revco has raised the bar by designing high-caliber features into the new line. The result is an unrivaled combination of comfort, fit and protection previously unavailable to woman welders. “Revco is in the business of protecting all welders, and believe that women deserve access to products intended just for them. We’re proud to make that a reality today with protective wear designed with our highest level of expertise and innovation,” says Revco National Marketing Manager Jimmy Wu.

For example, the new Firefly™ TIG glove features an innovative flame resistant backing with a padded DragPatch™ for the ultimate in leading-edge protection. It maximizes control and dexterity critical to TIG welding, by utilizing premium grade goatskin and incorporating a seamless index finger into the glove’s snug fit construction. Similarly, the VelvetArc™ welding jacket introduces many industry firsts into a single flame resistant garment for women. It features adjustable waist straps to provide maximum fit, a stand-up welder’s collar, slant-opening scribe pockets, and a zippered inner pocket.

The AngelFire series will be available Spring 2008 through independent welding distributors (like– more on that soon!) nationwide. Details and information about AngelFire products can be found at

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