TIG Welding versus MIG Welding


I cover TIG welding more than MIG welding on this site because I know a lot more about TIG. I’m learning about MIG, however, especially automated MIG and I came across this great article in Welding Magazine

Robotic GMAW Torch Maintenance

Robots are helping companies become more competitive by reducing costs and cycle times, but they are increasing one vital shop function: maintenance.

Effective maintenance is critical to consistent performance of robotic systems, Tom Jaeger, engineering manager for research and development and new product development for Tregaskiss (www.tregaskiss.com), said. Tregaskiss manufactures MIG welding equipment and consumables, including robotic MIG welding guns.

“Seconds count in this industry, and a slow-down, stoppage, or weld re-work on a line or in a cell can result in costly downtime and lost production. The welding industry is very competitive and all manufacturers work diligently to maintain productivity and get a good return on their investment in their automation,” Jaeger said…..CONTINUE READING ONLINE–>

Of course this got me to thinkin’ How many of you read the trade magazines? Did you know that many of them have online editions? and/or newsletters? They are a great resource for basic and very technical information. Here’s a list of my favorites:

Do you have favorite sites or magazines that you frequent?


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