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I was invited to guest blog over on the Miller Viewpoints blog…  while I appreciated the opportunity, and am truly honored that they asked, I have to say it was a little different blogging through a corporate machine.  First off, they wanted 250 words.  Two hundred-fifty words?  Are you kidding me?  that just gets me started! “The 250 words is just a rough guide,” they assured me.

So, I turned in my 876 word piece, Weld Like A Girl: Tips for Women in the Welding Industry. And waited.

Five days later, word came back. “Because it’s longer than we typically use for a single post, we’re going to make it into a series…” said my Miller contact.

Sounded fine with me.  I was proud of what I wrote, and three posts is better than one!

And so I waited some more as the edits, the approvals, and the blog post itself wended its way up the corporate chain of command. Word finally came back a week and a half later, “….they would only approve uploading the first topic, covering ‘Knowledge is Queen'”


It was a little disappointing, all that writing I did. All that editing they did…  and then I realized I can post all my tips for women in the welding industry here!  I also realized how awesome it is to work for a small business like Arc-Zone.com.  I work closely with the owner, Jim Watson aka Joe Welder—  an owner who gives me a lot of free reign creatively speaking, for which I am grateful…   and as a small business we can move quickly to post information online, or in our ecommerce store adding product.  And there is no chain of command. A simple phone call, an IM, an email. That’s it. We can move fast, responding to market conditions, new opportunities, new high performance welding accessories…. it sure makes things fun, and hopefully beneficial to our customers as well.

In fact, if you ever want to know what’s new at Arc-Zone.com two places to check–  WeldLikeAPro.com, an archive of our newsletters and Arc-Zone.net where we post updates we’ve made to our website.

And if you want to read my un-censored version of Weld Like A Girl, I’ve posted all 876 words here.


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