Crazy Metal Sculptures


These sculptures come from all over the U.S.A. Big ones. Small ones. Lots of Tin Men. A couple of Tin Women. A veritable zoo of animals including elephants and… lobsters? I concentrated on those that are welded, but beyond that, you could look for days.

These are some of the finest specimens of folk art in the country as per this fantastic site.



Fire Hydrant Jack
In shelbourne on the east side of Rt 7 north of Church Rd.
Chittenden Co – VT
Latitude: N44° 22.77
Longitude: W73° 13.67
Photo July 2005


Tulip Man
At the entrance to Windmill Island and also just north of the Amtrak/Bus Station in Holland. It is on Lincoln Ave at E. 8th street.
Ottawa Co – MI
Latitude: N42 47.47
Longitude: W86 05.89
Photo by Mark Comstock
Approx. 10 feet tall.
Do you have any more examples of amazing folk art?
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