If you can’t stand the heat…


… then you should buy a new Titanium Elite™ Auto-Darkening Helmet with an “innovative aluminum heat shield protects the analog lens in most high-amperage (300+ amp) applications”.

Oh.  You thought I was going to say, “… get out of the kitchen”.  Joke’s on you then.

From MillerWelds.com:

elitetitanium_webAPPLETON, Wis., April 15, 2009—In response to customer demand for a welding helmet that can better withstand high-amperage, high-heat applications, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. created the Titanium Elite™ auto-darkening helmet, a new addition to the Arc Armor™ line of welding safety products. Introduced today, the Titanium Elite directly addresses the problem of heat build-up in welding applications that require 300 amps or more, conditions that can affect the lens performance of standard auto-darkening helmets and make it uncomfortable for the welder. The Titanium Elite—the newest member of Miller’s Elite Series of auto-darkening helmets—reflects the heat away from the operator and features an aluminum heat shield to protect the auto-darkening lens. A shock-absorbing gasket, which adds durability and protection from drop impact in hard welding environments, also surrounds the lens.



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