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• If you are interesting in welding, click on the link to access a list of welding disciplines, career opportunities and welding schools throughout the U.S.

•Click on the link to access awelding school in your area.

• Jennifer Simpson, the creator of the, a welder’s Web site, gives some tips for women in the welding industry. Click on the link to read her suggestions.

•Click on the link to get some information on where to buywelding clothes for women.

Check out this shout-out Carmen Electrode got on News 8 Austin!
This sidebar is taken directly from Channel News 8’s page on this article about women welders:

Welding industry could use a feminine touch

8/6/2009 11:58 AM

By: Bonnie Gonzalez

The welding industry could use a woman’s touch.

If you think welding is a man’s job, think again.

Carissa Love is a top welding student at Texas State Technical College in Waco. She’s on an equal playing field, if not higher with the rest of the crowd, according to welding instructor Ryan Rummel.

“She’s one of the best welders that we have here. Considering that she is the only girl out of 250 guys, she does a good job,” Rummel said.


Not only are Carmen and our own Jennifer Simpson mentioned, but so is her article on Tips for Women in the Welding Industry and below it,’s welding gear for women!

Thanks so much for featuring us Bonnie Gonzalez and News 8 Austin!

Editor’s Note: Yes, we know that is not the actual name of this website, but the link itself is correct!
(It’s, but you already knew that)


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