Bilingual Welding Anyone?


Did you know that The Fabricator® magazine publishes some of their articles in both Spanish and English?  As you probably know, metal fabrication is a global industry, so now The Fabricator magazine can reach across borders.  And frankly, reading these articles has helped me with my Spanish skills–  so I can communicate with our Spanish speaking customers.  (They just didn’t cover welding words in Spanish 101, or 102, or even 485 for that matter!)

Here are two of my favorite new bilingual articles.  To search for more, go here  to The Fabricator®’s website.

Do your welds pass muster?

Evaluating gas and equipment to deliver quality and performance

By Richard Green
November 25, 2008

For a job shop or manufacturer, maintaining weld quality begins with consistent shielding gas in the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process. Consistently delivering the correct blend ensures proper arc characteristics and weld quality. Mixing technology, supply gas density, and gas usage patterns can affect the on-site gas blending system’s ability to deliver a consistent blend.


When does a punch/laser make sense?

3 Questions a fabricator needs to ask

By Michael Bishop, Assistant Editor
August 26, 2008

Hawkeye Industries Inc., Tupelo, Miss., was getting more and more orders for parts that required both punching and laser cutting. To meet the growing demand, the company purchased a combination punch/laser machine. Some shops are more suited than others to this technolgy–combination machines can increase profits for some companies, and costs for others. Shop owners should keep five key things in mind when evaluating and purchasing a combination punch/laser machine.



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