An Architect in Training


Not especially welding related…  but here at we do like to feature women that are pursuing their dreams and working in fields that historically have been pursued less often by women:  construction, engineering, WELDING, etc.

This California senior is sure to find her way in the architecture world.  Holli Tripp, who will graduate this year from an Auburn high school, has already designed a house, specifically, the house that she and her family will some day live in.

Placer senior has designs on architecture
Holli Tripp earned straight As plus multiple cash scholarships
By Deric Rothe Journal Editor


Holli Tripp, a Placer High senior who graduates  Saturday, had a 4.0 grade point average her senior year and earned six scholarships. She plans a career in architectural engineering. She is shown holding two of 16 architectural renderings she drew of her family’s future home for her senior project.

Placer High senior Holli Tripp says she is just a country girl who loves fishing and construction.

While that’s true, what’s also true is that Tripp is a young woman who is determined to make the most of her life after she walks across the field at LeFebvre Stadium Saturday and accepts her high school diploma.

Tripp spent her four years at Placer High working hard. The straight-A student earned a half-dozen cash scholarships that attest to her success.



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