Welding IS for Girls Too


If you have a daughter entering 6th to 8th grade and you’re looking for a summer camp designed to improve her self-confidence, and introduce her to a wide range of educational and career options, then a Rosie’s Girls Camp may be just the thing.

 Rosie’s Girls explore “nontraditional” careers like carpentry and welding, and learn that these ARE viable and exciting career options.  At camp the girls  “learn and apply basic carpentry skills including measuring, cutting, hammering and tool safety. Create projects to take home and use these skills in a community service project. Rosie’s Girls campers have built picnic tables, benches and small structures for social service organizations that show the broader world what girls can do.”   And the best part–  the girls learn to use power tools!


One thing I noticed is the safety gloves those girls are wearing seem awfully big on their small hands!  I know this is one of the challenges for women welders (of all ages and sizes) which is why Arc-Zone sells the AngelFire™ line of  premium welding protection products–from the Firefly TIG welding gloves to the VelvetArc flame resistant welding jackets from designed exclusively for women by Revco–because women are different!  You’ll also find the AngelFire™ Women’s MIG/Stick welding glovesand size charts so you’ll get the right fit.

Better fit improves safety, and better fitting gloves means women welders can take full advantage of their excellent manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Wile you’re at Arc-Zone.com check out the line of premium welding helmets (from manufacturers like Miller and Jackson, safety glasses, and equipment for respiratory safety and heat stress.

To find a Rosie’s Girls camp near you, visit the Rosie’s Girls website.


Photo courtesy of pcc.edu/pavtec/girls/2007_conference.htm


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