Welding innovations we’re thankful for


It’s hard to believe that Jim started this business over ten years ago from his garage!  Jim’s inventory was limited back then, but now we’re thankful for the awesome space that is the Arc-Zone warehouse where we can stock tons of welding product.  In addition to the warehouse we have the Ultimate Weld Shop (TM) and soon a revamped retail zone.

Most thankful for our welding customers

Oh, and best of all we have some of the best customers in the welding industry. We are always so inspired by the awesome work they’re doing, and we learn so much from them.  We have customers who are welding experimental aircraft in their back yards, we have welders working in the armed forces, and we have customers who run super high tech automated welding systems.

We’re also thankful for innovations in the welding industry

Here are just a few:

Inverter power supply technology that made welding machines so much smaller.  You can read about the history of welding power supplies, and the switch from transformers to inverter based power sources on the Lincoln Electric website and read about Miller Electric’s latest innovations to the inverter based welding power sources on their website.  Bottom line is that these innovations in welding make it possible for welders to go anywhere!

Welding Helmet from MIller

Auto-darkening Welding Helmets….  no more flipping your lid (head) and straining your neck.  And speaking of helmets, how ’bout all those cool graphics and innovations like under the (welding hood respirator systems to protect your lungs!

And for those over-40 eyes, you can even get cheaters! (some of us are more thankful for those than we care to admit!)

TIG Welding gloves for womenAs a woman welder, another “innovation” that I am thankful for are smaller sized welding gloves.  I have tiny hands–most women sized gloves of any kind don’t fit my hands, but they are a lot closer than any man-sized gloves ever will be.  So to have welding gloves made for women that are just a little too big makes it much easier to get the job done! And don’t worry– Arc-Zone carries  man-sized welding gloves too!

So as you crank up your power supply and get ready to lay down a bead….  think about what you’re thankful for, and let us know!  We’ll add it to our ever-growing list.  And have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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