Carmen’s Favorite (TIG Welding) Things


It didn’t start with welding, or TIG welding; it started in 1965 with The Sound of Music and Julie Andrews:

The song soon became a holiday classic and has been recorded by many well known artists: The Supremes, Sarah Vaughn, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Anita Baker, Dave Brubeck, Barry Manilow, Bjork, and even more recently featured on the show GLEE…

Then Oprah Winfrey jumped on the bandwagon (ok, yes, it was years later) with her favorite things.

And now Carmen Electrode wants to share her favorite (welding) things with you.  These would be great gifts for that special welder in your life…  or good to put on your list of favorite things in case anyone wants to buy you a gift that supports you in your welding life.

One of my favorite things these days is my Digital Elite Fury Auto Darkening Welding Helmet.  It’s not the cheapest welding helmet you can find, but then again my eye protection is worth it!  This welding helmet has precision digital control driven by four independent arc sensors and lithium batteries that will last for 3,000  hours!  (You can check out all the technical specs over on the website.)  The other reason I like this  helmet is its look.  Yes, it’s pink, but it’s a strong, rich, dark pink that means business….  and the graphics are pretty hot too.  Of course, if this is not for you, Arc-Zone has lots of top-of-the-line welding helmets to choose from, and this handy guide on Choosing Welding Helmets and Goggles (pdf).

Another accessory I really like is the remote amperage controls for welding far from your machine. I especially like the  Hot Foot™, it’s rugged and has a low profile design that is comfortable and allows for precision adjustments.  So while my foot takes control of the amperage, I can better concentrate on my handwork to lay down nice beads.

You can hook up these pedals to your Miller, Lincoln, or ESAB machine, no problem.

Arc-Zone also carries a full line of remote amp controls, from fingertip amperage controls that attach to your TIG welding torch to on-off switches and all the connectors and adapters you’ll need to plug in and go!

Now if you’re really working where there is restricted access to your weld, you’ll want to take a look at my favorite, the tiniest of TIG torches, the Micro TIG. Air-cooled or water-cooled it is a great TIG welding torch to add to your tool box.

Arc-Zone not only carries the Weldcraft WP-50 and the WP-125 Micro TIG torches, we also carry the air-cooled Micro TIG from CK Worldwide as well as CK’s water-cooled Micro TIG.
Have you seen the Ron Covell DVDs? Not only my favorite of the instructional DVDs, Ron and his DVDs are well known in the industry–you can  advance your knowledge of TIG Welding, you can learn from master fabricator Ron Covell– we carry his DVDs along with a cool line up of books. I especially like the coffee table books like American Hot Rod, Dream Garages, and of course, SO-CAL Speed Shop.  These books are chock full of information AND inspiration.


And last, but certainly not my least favorite: the gift card.  I certainly wouldn’t mind if someone got me an Gift Card….  from $25 and up, money to use towards a purchase at Arc-Zone!

There’s still time to order your favorite welding accessories online at and get it in time for Christmas. If you order by Friday, December 21, 2012, in-stock items can ship UPS Red.

If you any questions, please call (or live chat during our office hours) our Customer Care team and they’ll help you out.  And not just over the holidays!  1-800-944-2243.



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