New Year, New Welding Helmet?


You probably don’t really need a new welding helmet, but how could you resist this awesome helmet from Miller:

Miller Performance Series auto-darkening welding helmet  (MIL-256-165)



I just love the graphics on this helmet–but even more important is the safety it offers.  This is a solid helmet great for any welding application.  The inside of the helmet has adjustable headgear for improved fit and comfort, while the auto-darkening lens is powered by three independent sensors with a lens speed of 1/20,000 second and two replaceable lithium batteries that last up to 3,000 hours… This is the Performance Series Illusion Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet from Miller– part number MIL-256 165.

At Arc-Zone in addition to the  Miller welding helmets, you’ll find Jackson, and Huntsman welding helmets, from fixed shade to auto darkening to passive helmets.  And if you’re not sure which helmet is right for you, check out our Guide to Choosing Welding Helmets and Goggles (PDF), written by the technical experts at Arc-Zone.

If you’re not in the market for  a snazzy new welding helmet, keep in mind that you can give your current helmet a tune-up.  Arc-Zone carries replacement parts, from the lenses themselves to batteries  to the headgear assembly. You’ll find Miller welding helmet replacement parts online here–>  and Jackson welding helmet replacement parts here–>

PS:  if your finding your eyes are not what they used to be… did you know you can buy “cheater” lenses for your welding helmet?


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