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Another great TIG Torch tip from Weldcraft®



Prevent high frequency interference by keeping torch and work cables as short as possible and closely bundled.

Remember to ground your power source according to the installation instructions provided in the operator’s manual.rightquote



TIG Torch Cables

TIG Torch cables: rubber vs. vinyl

And while we’re talking cables, if you’re in the market for a top quality TIG torch, consider upgrading to the Weldcraft Premium TIG Torch packages that include flexible rubber cable / hose leads.  Note that Arc-Zone also sells the CK Worldwide torch packages with the SuperFlex cable set.  Here’s what Arc-Zone’s Joe Welder (aka CEO and founder Jim Watson) has to say:

We generally recommend the rubber hose leads as opposed to vinyl. They are more flexible and easier to handle. Vinyl plastic hoses are more economical, but they get stiff over time and the water hose / power cable are susceptible to damage from heat generated by the power cable, along with the water pressure from the water-cooling system — you have a recipe for hose failure.  Not to mention that the hoses melt quickly when they come in contact with a hot TIG rod, or welded part!

You can read the full article, “Rubber Verses Vinyl Plastic Hoses Which is Better?” over on the JoeWelder.com blog–>

And finally, did you know you can get cables custom-made-to-order for your TIG Torch at Arc-Zone?  Whatever length you need, give the Arc-Zone Customer Care team a call and our technicians will put a quote together for you.  Keep in mind there is a 5-7 day lead time involved– but you’ll end up with top quality cables that work for you welding application.


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