Welder Goes Pink


She wears a pink jacket, her nails are painted pink, and her Dodge Ram one-ton four-door dualie has pink pinstriping and pink eyelashes–and a Lincoln Arc welder mounted on the back.  This Texas woman is a “Pipeliner with Eyeliner” and a welding foreman on the pipeline.

From the  Free Press Standard:

Pipeliner who Wears eyeliner

By Leigh Ann Rutledge, Accent Editor March 26, 2013

Missy PhillipsMissy Phillips looks like a typical 30-something mother of three.
That is, until you see…
…her boots
…her “guns”
…and her truck.

Phillips, 37, is a welding foreman on the pipeline.  The self-proclaimed “Pipeliner with Eyeliner” has worked in the oilfields for almost eight years, as a welding helper the first year, and a welder the remaining time. She also did minor welding on a drilling rig.

Small in stature, she stands only a few inches over five feet tall, but drives a massive Dodge Ram one-ton black four-door dualie with pink pinstriping and big pink eyelashes.  It took her only about one week to build the special welding bed mounted on the truck which holds the Lincoln Arc Welder she uses in the field.



And if pink is not your thing….  the Angelfire welding apparel for women may be what you’re looking for!  (sized for women)


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