Devon: Still Getting her (welding) Feet Wet

Devon: a New Rosie just getting started
Devon: a New Rosie just getting started

Devon attends college in Victoria, BC where she’s finishing her C level and working toward doing her CWB’s. “If you’re thinking about becoming a welder and are a hands-on, detail oriented person, do it! Just do it! You will learn a lot. I had never ever welded or done much trades work before I signed up for my C ticket at Camosun College. I wouldn’t say it’s easy but I found it to be lots of fun and a healthy challenge for myself.”
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When did you begin welding?

I am very new to welding. I started this spring (May 2013).

Who/What got you interested in welding?

No one in my family is in the trades so I guess you could say I motivated myself to become a welder. Also there are many places you can go with welding: teaching, inspecting, working around the world or underwater. And of course the money!

What’s your favorite type of welding?


I’m not sure I have a favorite type of welding yet, being so green! I found oxyacetylene welding to be tedious but fun and intimate. Stick welding is in your face, messy and very hands on. I just finished my section of wire welding with S6 and although it was very hot at times I really liked this method. I will be using T11 and T9 soon. Then onto structural welding and some aluminum!

What inspires your work?

I am very interested in the art side of welding. Also maybe a small fascination with fire and flame and getting dirty!

Do you have a favorite piece that you made?

I don’t have any projects that I’ve made. In school, we just practice our different welds in all 4 positions. But I do have many ideas in my head that I would love to make one day.

Is it difficult to be a woman in this field? What advice would you give to women who want to pursue a career in welding?

devon2I wouldn’t say it is difficult being a woman in the trades. Women are strong; stronger than a man in some ways. I would just let women know that even though you don’t want to look like a little bit*h in front of all the boys at work, DO NOT be afraid to ask for help. There will always be someone willing to help you out and teach you something you weren’t sure of before. For advice on creeping tom on the job site, stand your ground. You should be able to tell him off in a firm and professional way. There is no reason why a guy on the job site should be putting his arm around your shoulder or joking about your T&A. He’s not touching the guy next to you so he has no right to be touching you.

Where do you see the welding industry as well as yourself in 10 years?

I can see myself working my ass off as a welder for 5, 6, 7 years and saving up all the sweet dough. Then I’ll probably change my status in the welding trade or pursue one of my passions like photography or metal art.

Devon says “I am proud to say that I am a woman and yes, I am a welder!” and we at Arc-Zone are proud to feature her as one of our New Rosies!


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