Made in the USA Tungsten Grinders


At Arc-Zone we’ve been celebrating Made in the USA during July. Over on the blog, you’ll find information about CK Worldwide TIG welding torches and LENCO connectors, and our most exciting news, the announcement of our Arc-Zone PRO Partner program.  So far we’ve met Wes Mishler, and Jason Moser, two fantastic Made in the USA fabricators.  As PRO Partners, they’ll share their insights on some of the top quality welding and cutting accessories in the webstore and tips on how to Weld Like A PRO!  (We’d love to see one of our New Rosies join the Arc-Zone PRO Partner Program.)

And so, over here, in the spirit of celebrating welding products Made in the USA, we’re featuring a couple of our tungsten electrode grinders here:

Our most popular grinder, the Sharpie Hand-Held Tungsten Electrode Grinder,  is made in North Carolina by a company with extensive experience in the orbital welding industry. Now the motor on these hand held sharpeners is made in China, but the important parts, the machined head and all the fabricated parts that create a precise taper for your tungsten electrode, are made in the USA.


Adding a Sharpie to your welding toolbox is a great way to improve your TIG welding quality, lower tungsten usage and improve your shop safety.  With the Sharpie™ hand-held tungsten grinder you can prepare tungsten electrode sizes .040″, 1/16″, 3/32″ and 1/8″ (1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm  and 3.2mm).  The standard model has a preset grind angle, allows you to prepare an electrode with a taper of 20 degrees, the deluxe model adjusts for a wide range of grind angles and tapers from 15-to-45 degrees (included angle) for virtually any TIG welding application.

Piranha II Tungsten Electrode Grinder for weldingOur most popular bench top grinder is the Piranha II from Diamond Ground Products.  Jim Watson calls this machine a “purpose built, precision engineered tungsten electrode grinding machine.”  It is designed to consistently grind taper angles from 10˚ – 60˚, on tungsten electrode sizes from .040″ (1.0mm) to 3/32″ (2.4mm) and as short as .75” (19.5mm).

The Piranha II tungsten grinder is economical to purchase and operate, simple to set up, and is safe and easy to use– making it ideal for consistently precision grinding tungsten electrodes for a variety of welding applications… AND, it’s manufactured right up the highway from Arc-Zone in Newbury Park, California. They’ve been manufacturing there since 1992.® is the world’s leading supplier of high-quality tungsten electrode sharpening products including high-production tungsten electrode grinders, hand-held and bench-top tungsten grinding machines, and replacement diamond wheels for the most popular tungsten grinders.  Each product is carefully selected by our TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) and PAW (Plasma Arc Welding) experts and supported by our Satisfaction Guarantee and industry leading product support.


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