She Put Down Her Welding Hood and She’s Not Looking Back

Kristina Gossett Welding


Kristina Gossett says, “Welding levels the playing field when it comes to being a woman in the building trades,” and she should know:  She is one of two women in the Sheet Metal Worker’s Local 63 in Massachusetts.

Kristina has joined our growing showcase of the amazing women who are welding today– the New Rosies!

How long have you been welding, and what got you interested in welding?

I’ve been welding for five years.  My father got me interested in welding.

What excites you about welding?

Welding levels the playing field when it comes to being a woman in the building trades.

And what welding process(es) do you use most? …  what process do you use the most or feel more familiar with?

I’m certified in MIG and stick, but I MIG at work all day.

How did you train?

I trained at Sheet Metal Worker’s Local 88 in Las Vegas, NV and Local 63 in Springfield, MA.  J.A.T.C.’s.

What kind of welding jobs have you held?

I’m a welder with Sheet Metal Worker’s Local 63.

Have you experienced discrimination as a woman welder? if YES how have you handled it? if NO, why do you think that is?

Not discrimination so much as accommodation. I don’t like it, but I understand where it’s comes from and why.  I try not to take it personally.  I’m one of only two women in our local.

What advice would you give your 15 year old self?

Start welding…. immediately.  Don’t let fear or what society dictates hold you back.

And to young women interested in welding as a career, Kristina would advise that you put your hood down and never look back.  “Seriously,” she says, “get as much time under the hood as you can.”  Always good advice!

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