Bogi’s Garage: Build of a 1957 Chevy Pickup

Bogi’s All Girls Garage

Stand aside Guys… The Ladies Got This!👩‍🏭

Back in 2003, Arc-Zone recognized that women’s contributions to the welding industry were widely overlooked… So we created the Carmen Electrode blog to bring the amazing work of female fabricators around the world to the forefront. To this day, we love to shine a light on like-minded women who are driven to achieve similar goals.

Bogi of @bogisgarage is an exceptional woman, who started a movement #ChevyMontage in which she celebrates and encourages women of all ages to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Throughout this journey (aka “The Build”), women from all over the US are mentoring less experienced ladies and providing them with a hands on learning opportunity to build a car together.

Picture credit: @bogisgarage

The build consists of restoring a 1957 Chevy pickup and installing a M5 BMW Motor making it as unique as the women who are working on it. All the work will be completed right from Bogi’s #allgirlsgarage!
Follow the entire build at @bogisgarage or on Youtube and stay up to date as it makes its way up to the SEMA Show in November. If you know a woman who may be interested, Tag her below and let’s get the message out there! And if you are in search of Women Gear visit our website

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