Gettin’ Jiggy With It!

The key to a fabricator’s success is incorporating little tricks and tools that improve both efficiency and weld quality.

How professional fabricators jig up their jobs

If you work at a production weld shop, we don’t need to tell you that Repetition-Repetition-Repetition is the name of the game. The key to a fabricator’s success is incorporating little tricks and tools that improve both efficiency and weld quality. Oftentimes, the right tools can turn a frustrating project into a “No Brainer”.

Here’s a shot of a “No Brainer” Ultimate Accessory Kit all jigged up on a BuildPro™ Welding Table.

While clamps and magnetic squares seem simple, they are key to improving efficiency. Here’s a few of our favorite tools – perfect for custom fab shops:

The Adjust-O 2 Axis Magnet Square with On/Off Switch

  • It’s a Fast & Easy way to hold metal workpieces at 45 or 90 degrees.
  • Precision machined flat and V-surfaces are ideal for round and square tubing angle, and flat stock.

Hand Rest Guide Kit. Unique and Super practical!

  • The Hand Rest glides smoothly on cut-to-length angle iron allowing welders to steady their wrist and increase productivity. 
  • Reduce hand and shoulder stress and fatigue!

Universal Heavy Duty, Table Mount Modular Platen Clamp

  • For Platen and Universal Table Tops.
  • Fast Secure Clamping – slide the clamp arm down to the workpiece and tighten the T handle.
  • Unique, optional side kick attachment provides push-action horizontal clamping force!

4 and 5 Face Riser Blocks – A Fabricator’s Building Block

  • Function as heavy duty building blocks to elevate clamps and workpieces.
  • Use riser blocks individually, or stacked, to elevate the workpiece or clamp.

Ultimate Accessory Kit – When They’ve Gotta Have The Whole Enchilada!

  • 172 Piece Kit – The Only thing holding you back, is your imagination.
  • All the clamps, pads, blocks, risers, & stops you need to tackle ANY job!

For smaller shops with a tighter budget, we recommend the FixturePoint™ Welding Table. You can purchase 1 table, and 2 height settings. Yep, you heard us correctly, this little bad-boy is convertible.   

Here’s a shot of the FixturePoint System – It’s ideal for the set-up of 2D frames. Clamps and Components can be inserted into the 16 mm holes on the 36″ x 24″ table top for complete flexibility in Modular Fixturing.

Maybe you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the FixturePoint™, yet you want to get set up with an adjustable and easily movable welding station. If that’s the case, the Nomad Welding Table is the way to go.

And what makes a Welding Table umm… Jiggy? 

Yep, you guessed it! 

A Tooling Kit! 

If you just want to pick a couple helping hands, here are a few of our favorite individual fixturing pieces (compatible with both the Nomad™ and the FixturePoint™)…

Inserta Clamps 

You can never have enough clamps in our opinion! Hold that piece down securely from all angles.

The Torpedo Mag-Level 

A compact, lightweight, Magnetic Level that easily mounts onto metal or wood surfaces.

V-Pad Snake Magnets 

It works as a third hand – Holds, Bends, & Twists! Easily adjusts for different shapes:  round, flat, and angled metal surfaces.

Joanie Butler and the rest of the® Team love to share innovative products and solutions as they get jiggy to move the industry forward.  Contact Joanie at for a quote today and keep Welding like a Pro!  

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