April 2008 News from Arc-Zone.com


Arc-Zone now features Revco Industries high quality, high-performance protective wear. Company president Jim Watson is excited about the new apparel. “We’ve finally found a line of clothing that not only offers protection, but looks good.”

In addition to welding gloves, fire resistant clothing, and leather welding gear, the Arc-Zone.com offerings include BSX– Black Stallion(R) Xtreme Gear. This premium brand from Revco features eye-catching black and red flame designs as well as improvements in fit and protection. Arc-Zone.com is also carrying the newly launched Angelfire Gear(R) for welding women. The tailored sizing is constructed to better fit a woman’s body and the chocolate brown color is appealing. The apparel also has all the improvements in fit and function that are found in the BSX line.


International Buyers Welcome at Arc-Zone.comIt wasn’t that long ago that Arc-Zone.com launched its new ecommerce site filled with top quality, high performance TIG, MIG and Plasma Arc Welding and Cutting accessories. Since then, we’ve been making improvements on the back end, and adding new products but if you haven’t stopped by in a while, check out the new look and the bold new graphics, thanks to our rockin’ web team.

And don’t forget our eBay store where you’ll find items direct from our Cash In and Trade Up program! What that means for you is there are some great deals to be had. Check out our latest auction items


We got a call from a customer TIG welding high-end aerospace parts. He bought a complete setup from us a few years ago, a WP-20-25-Pro(tm) package by Arc-Zone with all the goods needed for his new TIG machine.

The reason for the call was that the customer has now specified out a TIG torch with vinyl plastic gas hoses. We were all a little perplexed. We generally recommend the rubber leads as opposed to vinyl. They are more flexible and easier to handle.

Find out why the customer wanted vinyl hoses….


Stefi Beck doesn’t look like a welder– at least not when she’s doing a show at a local coffee house in Toronto. A singer, songwriter and guitar player, Beck is coming into her own as an artist, but for the time being she earns her living as a Steamfitter Apprentice.

Read about Stefi Beck at CarmenElectrode.com, and let us know if you– or a woman welder you know– would like to be featured!


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