’s November News!

Meet Tim ….

You may have already talked to Tim, the newest addition to the team, but you may not know about his extensive experience with welding… and safety. Read the full story here.

More MIG has been adding tons of new items in our MIG section. Now, in addition to MIG Guns, you’ll find replacement parts with exploded parts views in addition to our other MIG welding products like Wire Feeders, Drive Roll Kits and Tools and Accessories like MIG Welding Pliers, Anti-Spatter and more!

Keep checking. We’re adding more every day… and if there’s something you’d like to see in the MIG section, let us know!

TIG Torches Revisited

We’ve also been making a lot of changes to our TIG Torch section, adding the exploded views of replacement parts, and revamping the navigation. We’re getting ready to add some exciting new high performance TIG products to our mix, more on that later. So far the response has been positive. Let us know what you think.

Weld Like This Girl

The latest New Rosie is the Skills USA Champion… Sara Bingham. “They called my name and everyone in the audience kept looking around to be sure they really heard a girl’s name. When I stood up, everyone’s mouths fell open in shock,” Bingham said.
Read the full story here. is on YouTube!

Check out all of our latest videos, and favorites we’ve found. We’ll be adding more, so keep checking, or subscribe to our channel and be the first one on your block to see what’s happening at Arc-Zone. Check it out here!


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