News – April 9, 2009

SPECIAL OFFER – Through Sunday Only!
Place your order before Sunday April 12, 2009 and save 10%. Just use the coupon code “cool” when you check out.

Put down that bulky, overheated, air-cooled TIG torch and pick up an efficient, light-weight water-cooled torch.
Aren’t you tired of burning your hands, especially when you’re doing a long run on a seam? Check out the Cool Kit™ –the easiest way to optimize your TIG machine and get the benefit of using a water-cooled TIG torch.
Assembled by the TIG Welding experts at, the New and Improved CoolKit™ has everything you’ll need to get the best quality welds right out of the box.

What you Get
v Premium Arc-Zone Pro™ Series 250 Amp High-Performance, Compact and Cool Running TIG Torch with Flexible Rubber Cable Set, Cable Cover and Front End Parts Installed
v Arc-Zone PRO Accessory Kit—all the collets, collet bodies, gas lenses, nozzles, replacement gaskets and everything you need to TIG Weld Like a Pro
v ArcTime™ Multi-Metal Hybrid Tungsten electrodes
v High-Efficiency 2 Gallon (10,000 BTU) Stainless Steel Closed Loop Water Cooling System with 1 Gallon of Concentrated Coolant, Water-in/Water-out Hoses, Fittings, Adapters,
v Complete Hook Up Instructions!

v The CoolKit™ includes the revolutionary Fuse Block Assembly– Never Overheat Your Equipment

Click here to see the CoolKit™

No matter which welding torch you’re using, be sure to use quality cables. To learn more about cables, watch the VIDEO “TIG Cable and Hose Materials– What’s the Difference?”
And read “Which Cable Size You Aught to Pick” at

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