Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup May 2018 Vol.2

May 2018: Silly fabricators, tools that make you money, metal-mation, the legend behind the Oscars, & birth of a welding rig


Whether you’re doing some repairs or adding a pop of color to your art, Silicon Bronze is a fabricator’s lil’ secret. This malleable alloy will melt your heart and fill in as needed. We’ve got it in 1 lb tubes online. But you want it in larger quantities, just let our Sales Team know & we’ll quote you for a truckload.


Here’s what customers are saying:
Took a chance on this unit and love it! Welded a lot of link bars and rod ends already. Wished we had this years ago! Highly recommended!!!” – Jeffrey
I’ve run this machine for weeks now… VERY impressed. Well built and very easy to use. It’s perfect for small weldments and the price tag is on point. If you’re looking for a machine like this, look no further. You will not be disappointed.” – Wes
This thing is awesome! Love how much better of a welder it makes you look like on that ability to continuously welding all the way around a piece. None of those silly start and stops, and when you get it… the weight of the entire unit is very satisfying, knowing it’s made of real material not plastic. Love the ground set up also!” – Thomas


At Arc-Zone, we love tools that make metal-working and welding easier… make us look better… or allow us to get in the zone without the need for a 2nd set of hands & lots of head scratching to figure out hold to hold, clamp or align it. Check-out this selection of Strong Hand Tools or the thousands of other items we offer to make finishing your project easier, so you can get on to the next money-makin opportunity.


The legendary Dick Polich and his crew at Tallix have been at the leading edge of technology in art casting & fabrication for nearly 50 years. Their mission has stayed true to the artists who make the foundry great. “At Polich Tallix, creating and making art is led by the quest for technological excellence, superb craftsmanship and  an understanding and respect for artists and their work.” Heat of Fusion visually tells the story of the man who founded Tallix in 1970 and revolutionized the world of American fine art foundries. As an art fabricator, Polich typically remains behind the scenes, but his creations are installed worldwide. Learn more:


Enjoy the creative genius ofZac Max as he entertains us with his metalmation… Zac captures & animates the process of fabricating his creations. He truly needs no further introduction.


Ain’t it the truth when Dave (@blackburnfabrication) says, “the bed is done, but not done.” It seems that our own projects get sidelined or almost done… because we’re always fixing or making something for someone else. I guess if their jobs are payin’ the bills, we can’t complain. Nevertheless, there’s something really satisfying about being able to make the tools you need to get the job done… when that “tool” is actually an entire mobile welding rig, aka truck, that satisfaction goes thru the roof.  We salute welders everywhere who #weldlikeapro and inspire us each day to finish up our Honey Do lists.



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