The Metal Mashup: August Vol.1 – 2018

Aug 2018: Top notch butt welds, Monster coverage, welding on the red carpet, a Be-Zates kind of guy & a history lesson.


The BuildPro Tube & Pipe Notcher was so popular from Day 1 that it’s sold out… but only for a couple more weeks, so take advantage of our Pay-It-Forward 10% savings and get on the list today. We’ve taken the base model & turned it into an Arc-Zone Exclusive Pro Kit, plus we offer hole saw kits to suit your application. Not sure how The Notcher would benefit you? Check-out our new video for insider tips, direct from the ArcFoundry techs.


Complete with a dual position bottom bracket, the small diameter pipe pliers are a convenient way to hold round pipes for butt-welding and cross-joints. Sometimes you come across the perfect, purpose-built tool that will save you time & aggravation. When it’s priced under $20, it’s kinda like hitting the tool jackpot!


If you’re looking for great gas coverage, look no further than the Monster line-up. These Cups had a proven track record for 13 years with the old-style “bisket” diffusers. But our Product Dev Team knew we could do better, so a couple years ago, we developed proprietary, precision-machined screen stacks (w/ no dissimilar metals). The advantage flows from the improved gas flow dynamics, longer stick-out option, and improved weld quality, without turning up the gas volume. #ToolsThatMakeYouMoney = Great Quality in Less Time. Work Hard – Work Smart – Enjoy Life!


What’s most interesting about The Story of Arc Welding is that innovators had to actually convince skeptics that welding was a viable process. It took years to replace cast iron w/ arc welded steel, even w/ its weight, rigidity, strength & speed advantages. The War, and the repairs the military needed to make quickly, accelerated the acceptance of welding in industries across the spectrum. There’s even a scene with a welder repairing street car rails. Most of us take the worldwide use of welding for granted… it’s pretty interesting to hear about a time when that wasn’t the case. Sometimes history lessons hit home!


Welders, of course! What do Chewie, Buddy Hackett in The Love Bug, Robert Downey Jr in Ironman, & Jennifer Beals in Flashdance have in common?… They each had the honor of portraying a welder on the silver screen. The AWS has put together this compilation from about 2 dozen movies that showcase actors welding. It’s 3 minutes of some of the coolest scenes ever produced… You might be surprised by a few that you weren’t aware of. We’re pretty sure you’ll have to watch it more than once. Enjoy!


When you take a look at Nick’s truly epic photos (@bezatesn), one thing stands out – Hard Work! He’s a small business owner, entrepreneur and master craftsman whose signature hashtag is #aintnothintoitbuttodoit. For all the molten talent that literally pours out of him, Nick humbly attributes his strong work ethic to his dad, and he credits his mentors with pushing him to always expand his skillsets. Nick is never too busy to help someone else & he’s volunteered over the years at the school that got him started on his career path. He & his wife / business partner, MacKenzie, have 3 boys who help them remember the importance of maintaining a work & family balance. It’s our honor to call Nick a customer and a friend. If you’re in the Pacific NW, we recommend hiring or partnering with him to get the job done! Here’s to Nick, his family & all of you who make our welding industry & community AMAZE-ing!!!


We deliver the solutions you need to get in the Zone and get the job done. We can’t believe that we’re turning 20 this year… which means we’re gonna be 21 next year (wink-wink). Next time you’re in So Cal, stop by, check-out our latest new products in person, meet the Team, and tour our showroom – located in Carlsbad, California. By the way, we Always have plenty of M&M’s & Coffee on hand. 


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