News – February 2009

You may have noticed a new face on the website, and in the videos. We call her Roxy Fuel™. You’ll find her modeling apparel here, and featured on one of our Poster Calendars here, and she’s the “hot” foot on the Hot Foot™ amperage control.

Arc-Zone has just added CK Worldwide torches to our line-up of high-quality TIG Torches. CK has been a leader in the TIG/GTAW industry since the mid 1960’s developing specialty TIG Torches for aerospace industry in the Northwest. Be sure to check out the Flex Loc™ torch, a variable angle torch that locks into any position. We’ll be adding more to our website, so keep checking, or call and ask about the specific CK Torch that you want.

Arc-Zone offers a Student Discount Program. We’ve extended our standard 10% school discout to welding students. Your welding school must be enrolled in the program, but it’s really easy to do. Just call 800-944-2243 (toll free) and say “Show Me The Discount!”


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