Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup June 2018 Vol.1

June 2018: Fatherhood, quick-change systems, Mike Rowe crackin’ the whip, 360 degree swing set, the Big Zero Loss


Of course, not! Cuz they wouldn’t get mad, they’d get even.
But this “wedgie” is a whole different sort & it’s no joke. The Wedge Collet may cost a lil’ more, but it lasts 2X as long and keeps your tungsten in place thru an interference fit, without twisting or warping. It’s particularly useful at high amperage. If you haven’t tried a “wedgie” for yourself, you’re missing out. Or be a friend & give the gift of a Wedge Collet to your favorite TIG Welder… BTW, they come standard in most of our Arc-Zone assembled kits.


From what we’ve heard, our customers just can’t seem to get enough of our rod storage solutions… it makes sense, since the ROD is the thing that actually becomes a part of the weld. If your rod is clean, dry, and organized, then your welds will be cleaner the first go around, so you can get on to the next section that needs your attention. With the dividers, great color selection and tags, they make a great addition to any shop.


If you’ve got more than one torch, more than one machine, or work in multiple shops, the Zero Loss Quick-Release System is specifically for you. Swap-out torches in a Snap – No Tools Required! Never deal w/ excess water, gas or money draining out of your TIG lines again. With Zero Loss, just snap in the torch you need & you’re ready to strike an arc. We offer conversion kits for as multiple torches, so you can literally plug-n-weld all day… So, You can take it with you. Still got questions, watch a video testimonial from @moser_fab


As if there weren’t enough reasons to think that Mike Rowe is the coolest guy around. But several years ago he took to Congress to tell ’em what’s up regarding our lack of focus on prepping students and celebrating the accomplishments of people who work in the trades. Sometimes they’re dirty jobs, but everyday they’re jobs that give you a sense of accomplishment and empower you to live the life of your dreams. Check-out his testimony, and then get out there and make something awesome!


When we pumped too hard or swung too high, you’d feel the legs of the swing set lift off the ground… which of course, caused us to swing harder & truly test its limits. Back then, we never imagined that anyone could build a swing set that propelled you 360 degrees, like a ride at an amusement park. OMG, we Sooooo want one of these… Please, Dad?


In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re highlighting Thomas Patsis, whose wife is due with their 1st born on about June 17th. If you don’t know Thomas (@coldhardart), you’re missin’ out on lots o’ laughs, metal artwork that’s 2nd to None, and the coolest trophies a person ever could Win. Our question to our readers & followers is, “Will Fatherhood change Thomas?” Which leads one to ask, did becoming a Father change you?

Check out the additional images we’ve showcased on our Instagram page, for more hilarity and epic pieces of metal artwork. We know in our heart that Fatherhood is only going to make him more more focused on his craft… cuz now he’ll have a new lil’ assistant who can fit inside his model replicas. We salute Dads & Welders everywhere who #weldlikeapro and inspire us each day to swing for the stars.

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