The Metal Mashup: September – 2018

Sept 2018: Hella useful tools, savings on Rod Guard, Master grinding polishing options, 2 epic hot rod guys & Mud busters


The Hel-Hook gear organizer helps keep your helmet and gear within easy reach of your welding station. Great for schools, home shops, or welding cells to keep your PPE & tools organized and visible from across the shop. Priced at just $20, you really can’t go wrong!!!


If you’re ready to invest in the very best grinding and polishing tools on the market, you’ve gotta check-out the RadiusMaster Series II Belt Grinding Machine. With 7 grinding surfaces, you are destined to fall [hard] for this epic machine. If you upgrade to the variable speed option, we’re pretty sure you could go from buffing your nails to grinding down the roughest edges… with this versatile beast. If your budget is more suited for a $500 tool, then review the Multitool line-up.


lf you’re looking for a great video to use for recruiting the next gen or simply to feel Great about your own career choice, look no further. Education is so important – regardless of where you gain your education from, it’s the openness and eagerness to learn that are essential. Jay gives kudos to welders and tradespeople everywhere, as he promotes the AWS & Lincoln interactive educational exhibit. Check it out!


Our hearts are with the families affected by Hurricane Florence. We hope that the rescuers are well equipped to get aid where it needs to go – ASAP. And we have a suggestion… find out where to get a fleet of these bad boys, so the unreachable areas can we secured, safely and swiftly. Deep Mud – No Problem!!! (Video credit: @torqmasters)


What a difference 6 years can make… Jon Dillard started as a frame-off hot rod restorer with basic MIG welding skills. Flash forward to today and @thereal_jondillard can now call himself an accomplished TIG welder. He modestly thanks his grandfather, a longtime friend, and Welding Tips & Tricks for their guidance. Jon’s love for mechanics started as a young boy when he watched his grandfather wrench on motor vehicles. When Jon needed help TIG welding on a hot rod, he called his friend, Chris Neal. Jon says, “I watched through my welding helmet, saw the process, and was hooked! Chris actually turned me onto the Arc-Zone Gas Lens when I started welding stainless.” After losing a close friend in a motorcycle accident, Jon began working on his friend’s car as a tribute and memorial. Like most of us, welding became an outlet for Jon; a way to focus and build something beautiful out of nothing. He’s inspired to achieve the impossible, and his beautiful wife, Shannon, and their two kids are his motivation. Cheers to The Real Jon, and those out there who modestly flip down their hoods each day in the hopes of laying down that perfect bead.


We deliver the solutions you need to get in the Zone and get the job done. We can’t believe that we’re turning 20 this year… which means we’re gonna be 21 next year (wink-wink). Next time you’re in So Cal, stop by, check-out our latest new products in person, meet the Team, and tour our showroom – located in Carlsbad, California. By the way, we Always have plenty of M&M’s & Coffee on hand. 


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