The Metal Mashup: June Vol.2 2020

The Father of All Editions: Tools for tradesmen and gifts for guys. Fixture and Fabricate like a Pro. Plus, meet the Godfather of Arc-Zone®


Whether it’s an ArcSaber, DIY Kit, cheater magnifying lens, flame resistant sleeves, a grinder, or a pair of MIG pliers, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite tools in honor of National Safety Month & National Dad’s Day!!! Click on our video above or go direct to our Site for Our Favorites Here.


Available as individual parts, front end kits, or complete Pro Kits, these CK Gas Saver products are exactly what you need to take your TIG welding to the next level! They’re engineered to be lightweight, for improved operator comfort and torch control. Plus, you can save up to 40% of shield gas consumption and obtain better flow patterns. What’s not to love?!


Now that the versatile Pro28 Welding Table System is in our store, there are infinite ways to set your table for an easier fabrication experience. But figuring out which fixturing elements are the right fit for your job might be a bit overwhelming. We’re now offering free consultation to help build the perfect fixturing kit for your specific application! No guesswork or returning unnecessary parts. Skip the hassle and contact our dedicated technical team today!


If you work at a production weld shop, we don’t need to tell you that Repetition-Repetition-Repetition is the name of the game. The key to a fabricator’s success is incorporating little tricks and tools that improve both efficiency and weld quality. Head to to learn how professional fabricators jig up their jobs.


You might recognize our latest fabricator as Joe Welder™, Arc-Zone’s long time welding tool guru & persona. But to Arc-Zone® employees, he’s the man who created opportunities for us to thrive. And according to our Pro Partners, he’s the Godfather. Jim is a husband, a dad, and he just celebrated a birthday! He’s an advocate for women in the trades and created our female counterpart Carmen Electrode™ to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for women from all walks of life to celebrate being a woman of the Trades. To learn more about Jim and the history of how Arc-Zone came to be, visit


“Three quarters of dads say they are responsible for their child’s emotional well-being, while only 20% of dads see this role reflected in media.” Watch as Dove Men’s Care acknowledges the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked.


If you can’t get enough of Arc-Zone®, give us a call, send us an email, or slide into our DMs


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