Safety First….


My friend Scott always says, “A clean job site is a safe job site.” Thankfully he’s never seen my desk. Of course my desk is covered with papers, not with heavy equipment or sharp objects so safety isn’t much of an issue. I also don’t do much welding at my desk.

Thinking about safety isn’t usually the most fun part of a welding project, but it is essential. Jim just wrote a great post over at JoeWelder. com talking about safety when it comes to grinding tungsten electrodes. And another about safety, “What’s Your Health Worth?” Check ’em out.

And lately there’s been a lot of buzz online (and off) about the “new” OSHA regulations regarding hexavalent chromium (present in welding fumes).

Powered Air Purifying Respiratory from JacksonIf reading government regulations is too overwhelming, Practical Welding Today wrote a pretty good article about how these regulations specifically affect your welding operation and what changes you need to make to be in compliance. You can read the full article online, “OSHA’s new hexavalent chromium standard: what it means to you and your employees.”

And you can download the American Welding Society’s fact sheet on Hexavalent Chromium (a PDF document)

If that’s not enough information for you, check out the picture on the left Jackson Safety — they’ve got a space age looking welding helmet / air purifying rig.


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