TIG Tips for Copper from MySpace


Did you know I’m on MySpace?  I’ve not totally figured it out yet, but I’m already meeting new people online, most recently Debra from The Metal Shoppe

I have to say their web site is not that impressive but the pics they have online are pretty impressive.  Here’s what Debra has to say about TIG Welding:

We specialize in custom metal work, particularly copper – or at least that is the direction things have gone this last couple of years. We have discovered that TIG welding is the best choice for “joinery” if you will when it comes to copper when the application calls for it, especially when you use any patina coloration since the silicon bronze or solder does not color up the same.

We actually figured out if you cut actual strips of the copper and us it for filler rod, it makes a completely undetectable seam.

Thanks for the great tip Debra!


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