Weld Like A Pro(tm)

Another Weld Like a Pro(tm) TIG / GTAW Welding Tip:

Maximize your shield gas coverage by extending your tungsten no further than the inside diameter of the cup (nozzle). For example, if your cup is a size 6 (3/8″ ID) then your tungsten should not extend beyond 3/8″.

OR, if you use a set up like the Monster(tm) TIG Nozzle from Arc-Zone.com, with it’s one-inch-wide cup, you can stretch that tungsten electrode out an inch!

With the gas lens collet body set up, you’ll benefit from a coherent umbrella of shield gas with minimal turbulance– especially great when your TIG welding stainless steel, titanium or other alloys.

You can see this Monster(tm) TIG cup in action at The Fabricator online, “Delta repair welders aim high: an introduction to GTAW repair at Delta Airlines.”

To learn about all your TIG Torch front end part options, check out Practical Welding Today online, “Improve your GTAW in 3 steps: front-end parts that make a difference.”

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