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At Arc-Zone.com we have a lot of international customers. We’ve delivered TIG, MIG and Plasma Arc Welding to fabricators world wide: Canada, Brazil, Israel, England, Spain, Guam, Greece… to name a few.

However, I think I’ve found the most GLOBAL of Arc-Zone.com’s customers… Matt Binns of Giant Globes.

Matt purchased a foot pedal from our eBay store, Arc-ZoneAuctions, where we sell some of the same product you’ll find in our Arc-Zone.com webstore –you know the high-performance MIG, TIG and Plasma Arc Welding accessories you need to Weld Like a Pro(tm). Sometimes on our eBay store you’ll find a really good deal. Sometimes you’ll find an item we’ve taken in on trade, or refurbished in-house…

Matt, however, wasn’t entirely pleased with his remote amperage foot pedal for his Miller Dynasty because the photo we had in our eBay store– and the price– was wrong. Yeah. Ooops. Big ooops. We quickly refunded Matt the difference in price on the foot pedal and sent him a big ole apology, and an offer for the foot pedal shown in the picture. He declined the offer to swap, and was really super nice about the whole misunderstanding.

In the exchange of emails, however, I noticed the tag line on his email, “Oh and as a bit of self promotion, buy a globe from me at: http://giantglobes.com”

Gaint Globe by Matt BinnsSo I clicked.

Wow. I don’t know about you, but I would love to have one of these finely crafted globes on display in my sculpture garden!

“We make the globes from 6061 -T6 tubing, which we bend ourselves, continents are made from 3003-0 sheet, we bend them ourselves using a variety of old and new methods, including an English wheel,” says Matt.

giant globe detailAlmost all the welding is done with a Miller 210 MIG welder with a spool-gun, as it is really hard to weld the intersection of two tubes with a TIG torch. If anyone has any tips on how to weld two tubes (Tubes are 1/2″ OD up to 2″ OD) at right angles without notching them, leave a comment– we’ll pass it on to Matt!

Matt says “The globes can rotate on their axis if required on weatherproof silent bearings. We also motorize them.”

What are you fabricating today??


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