Welding Safety


Welding Safety Poster from ESABWhether you’re welding in a business environment or in your own personal weld shop back behind the garage…. safety is important. ESAB is offering a free welding safety poster– a nice way to dress up your shop and post safety reminders.

ESAB produces consumables and equipment for virtually every welding and cutting process and application. More than 100 years of continuous research, development and manufacture have made ESAB the world leader in welding and cutting and also an international supplier of products, know-how and services that none can match. ESAB’s subsidiaries and distributors worldwide are ready to handle your requirements – large and small alike.

Welding safety is serious business. ESAB wants to support efforts to educate everyone in the welding workplace about simple safety procedures that can protect health and save lives. We are offering a safety poster to help spread the word or remind workers about the importance of safety procedures. If you would like a poster, just tell us where to send it.

More information on health and safety issues, including important safety data sheets, is available in the Safety Section of our website.


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